Cindy’s Story


Overweight, lethargic, and unable to break the cycle, I was fed up with diet gimmicks and empty promises for fast success. Not only was I constantly stumbling and going nowhere on my journey to fitness, I was slowly sinking deeper and deeper into despair.

Then I got a wake-up call…

Twelve years ago, I suffered a back injury hurtling me to the vital realization that I needed to start loving and caring for my body or watch it slowly slip deeper and deeper into brokenness. Eager for change, I began moving more and nourishing my body with wholesome, real foods.

As time passed, I began to see exciting changes in how I looked and felt. I had more energy. I felt better. I could actively acheive things with my body that I never felt were truly possible. I had an insatiable hunger to not only continue healing myself, but to heal the world around me. I was changing myself for the better with my hard work and dedication, and that feeling of accomplishment was intoxicating!

Since that pivotal moment I have lost OVER 125lbs… and have kept it off for over 10 years.

And I did it without pills, surgeries, or crash dieting.

Not only did my life dramatically change when I lost the weight, so did my career. Over these past ten years, I have been unbelievably blessed to be able to inspire and evoke my passion for fitness to thousands of people through motivational presentations, health coaching, wellness retreats, and Yoga classes.

I am on a mission to promote a life of FUNCTIONAL FITNESS to everyone I meet. I am devoted to change the way the world eats and moves!

I want to debunk diets and exercise crazes and help others realize that a healthy lifestyle and body is achievable through a practical, common sense approach to eating and exercising… which is accessible, understandable, and achievable by almost anyone.

Thank you for visiting Functional Fitness’ website. Wherever you are in your journey ̶  climbing out of your pit, struggling for motivation, looking for a Yoga retreat or the camaraderie of a fitness class  ̶   let us know if we can help you on this adventure towards better health and wellness.

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